Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are We Being Swamped in Chemicals ?


There is an increasing amount of chemicals in our day to day environment. It is surprising how many different ways we can be exposed to chemicals that we have no idea are there.

It could be beneficial to our health to take some steps to reduce the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to.

Here are some simple ways to do that:

  • Use a water purifier or filter. This will help to eliminate some of the chemicals that may be present.
  • Foods can have a lot of pesticides on them. If possible use organic fruits and vegetables. Alternatively wash them well in a weak vinegar solution.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners. Use honey, agave nectar or rapadua. Rapadua is dehydrated sugar cane juice. Because water is all that has been taken out it has a low GI and does not give a rush of sugar to the blood stream.
  • Do not use aluminum pots for cooking or cook food in aluminum foil. Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel pots.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners in the house. Many common products are loaded with chemicals. Air fresheners, for example can contain formaldehyde. Using vinegar, bi carbonate of soda and lemon juice covers many cleaning jobs.
  • Floor coverings can be packed with chemicals. Vinyl or linoleum can be problematic as can carpets that are moth or stain resistant. Hard tiles and timber are some suggestions.
  • Polyester fabrics can contain formaldehyde. Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk avoid this problem.
  • Moth balls or naphthalene are extremely dangerous and it can take years for it to break down and dissipate. Use essential oils like clove, mint or orange.

That will do for a start. There are many other things in our lives that can contribute to the huge amount of chemicals that we are exposed to. This small list will give a start to thinking about what there is in our environment that could be potentially harmful.

Giving some thought to how this can be reduced could help us to be healthier.

Be healthy


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