Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 Ways To Use Cinnamon in Treating Acne

It can be very difficult to get rid of acne. There are many simple home remedies that can be tried. Some will work more effectively for particular people than others. It can be a matter of experimentation to find the solution that will suit you.

There are several spices that can be applied to the skin to help deal with acne. One of these is cinnamon. The fact that cinnamon has both antioxidant and antimicrobial properties could explain why it has been found to be so helpful in treating acne.

Try these suggestions for applying cinnamon to the skin:
  • Mix equal parts of lemon juice and ground cinnamon and apply frequently to the acne.
  • Using unheated (raw) honey, mix 3 teaspoons honey to 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Apply to the acne and leave on overnight. Cover if necessary.
  • Mix milk and ground cinnamon together and apply to the acne.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

6 Tips Using Egg Shell Membrane

For something that is normally thrown out as rubbish, the membrane lining in an egg shell has some surprising uses. That's right crack that egg and use it as normal. Then, instead of throwing the shell away, peel that thin white skin or membrane out and use it as an aid to healing.
  1. Peeling skin next to your fingernails, often called a quick, can get very sore especially if the skin is pulled at or torn off. This tip to solve the problem is magic. Tear off small pieces of the egg membrane and put them wet side down on the problem areas. Leave it there until it dries. Even if you wash it off before it falls off it will have done its job. Check the next day and if there are any areas that are not quite right apply more egg skin. Quite often one application is all that is needed.

  2. Use egg skin membrane on any cut or scratch. It will promote healing. Put the wet side of the membrane on the cut and leave it there until it dries. An alternative method is to spread a little egg white over the top of the membrane after it is in place over the cut and if necessary bandage over that. Using egg skin will bring quick healing without any scarring.

  3. Use the eggshell membrane to draw out blackheads or to clear up pimples.

  4. Use egg membrane on splinters or glass fragments that are difficult to pick out with tweezers. This is a bit similar to using it for blackheads. As it dries it will tend to draw the splinter out a little enabling you to pull it out.

  5. Useful for ingrown toenails.

  6. Try using the wet egg membrane on boils. Keep reapplying until the boil is dislodged.
The membrane lining of the egg shell contains anti microbial substances. This would be part of the reason for its success in these healing situations. Apparently there have been some dressing developed using this membrane for use in skin grafts and burn situations. The healing time when using egg skin membrane is always reduced and scarring is greatly minimized.

If you know of other uses for egg shell lining please share them by leaving a comment.

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