Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plants for Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality and Plants

Spider Plant
I thought I would give you with some pictures of some of the plants that help improve the quality of the air through removing toxins.
This first one, the spider plant, is one of my favourites. They are very common and easy to grow. That means that even if plants normally die on you this one will probably be okay. They don't mind much what conditions they have.

They are also known as Ribbon Plant or Airplane Plant

Aloe Vera

Not only will aloe vera, also known as Aloe Barbadensis, help improve your indoor air quality but it is useful for healing burns, bites and skin problems.

In the NASA studies of plants and air quality, they studied 19 different plants. They found to improve the air quality in a 1,800 square foot house, you need about 15-18 good sized plants in 6 to 8 inch diameter pots.


Chrysanthemum's, along with the bamboo palm, are good for eliminating benzene. These are out gassed from things such as perfumes, scented candles, plastic and washing powders.

The other flower that was tested was the gerbera. This is effective in reducing formaldehyde from the air.

Other plants beside the nineteen tested by NASA may be useful in this regard as well. However the tests did show that not all plants were equal. Some were better against some pollutants than others. So even if you are not a green thumb having indoor plants is good for your health.

I am the world's worst gardener and I have a bamboo palm that does quite well in my house even though the gardeners in my family have been telling me for two years that it desperately needs re potting. Ah well one day it might get done.

Be healthy and enjoy your house plants


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