Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 Foods that Help Your Skin Stay Young

Yesterday I wrote briefly about some foods that help to increase the collagen in the skin. Today I want to look at some other foods that help to combat the increase of wrinkles.

There are substances in turkey that help prevent wrinkles. It contains the protein carnosine. This protein slows down the process of cross linking. Cross linking is when fibers grow into the collagen making the skin stiff and less elastic. Eating turkey two or three times a week will increase the amount of carnosine in your diet.

Flaxseed contains the essential fatty acid omega 3. Having sufficient of the right oils and fats in the diet make the fatty layer surrounding the skin cells stronger. This in turn plumps out the skin cells, disguising wrinkles.

Olive oil contains oleic acid which also can help to plump up the skin cells. Use extra virgin olive oil and eat olives to help your skin along.

I couldn't leave this one out of the list. I love it when chocolate comes up in the healthy food lists. However it is only dark chocolate that has enough antioxidants to have the desired results. It would seem that a high dose of cocoa increases the blood flow to the skin bringing it higher levels of moisture and nutrients.

Goji Berries
The goji berry is a very nutritionally dense food. It has gained quite a name as an anti aging food. They do contain vitamin C and are high in antioxidants so there is every chance that they would contribute to a stronger, firmer skin.

Blueberries and Prunes
These fruits are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants get rid of free radicals. Free radicals cause skin damage. A diet high in antioxidants is beneficial to general health as well as keeping the skin healthy and firm.

Add these foods to your diet as well as the collagen increasing foods listed in the previous article. Making sure you include several serves of these foods each day will certainly help your overall nutrition as well as your skin tone.

Be in good health


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