Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bruises? Treatment with Vinegar Helps

Healing Bruises With Vinegar

If you do something and you know that you will get a bruise apply vinegar to it as soon as possible. The sooner you get vinegar to it the less bruising you will get. If the bruise is already apparent applying vinegar will usually lessen the amount of bruising and disperse it more quickly.

Finger Jammed in Car Door

My mother tells a story about my aunt. Her finger had got caught in the car door as someone slammed it. She was in such pain that she could hardly alert anyone to open the door to release her. My mother immediately brought her inside and put her finger in a bowl of vinegar. I believe she had a cup of tea and kept her finger in the vinegar for about an hour.
She did have some bruising but she did not lose the finger nail as everyone expected. I had forgotten this treatment for bruises until my mother retold the story recently.

How to Apply

Putting your hand, finger or foot in a bowl of vinegar is not that difficult. If it is your arm, leg or other part of your anatomy try soaking cotton balls in vinegar and putting that on the bruised part. If it is a fairly large area soak an appropriate sized cloth in vinegar and wring it out before applying it to the affected part. Leave it soak on the bruise for up to an hour. If it seems necessary apply again later.

There are other remedies around for healing bruise but this is the only one that I have a story for. The success my aunt had with this bruises treatment makes it a good one to try as an immediate first aid treatment.

I don't think it matters what kind of vinegar you use but ordinary white distilled vinegar is usually the cheapest around. In case of needing it for immediate first aid use what ever is handy.

If you have a favorite family first aid treatment share it by leaving a comment.


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