Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nutrients in Eggshell Membrane

Again I revisit the topic of eggshell membrane. I put this information together because someone left a comment asking about what nutrients were in the membrane.
I was aware of some of them but when I looked it up I found there was more to say on this than a brief comment.

Connective Tissue

Essentially egg shell membrane is connective tissue. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. These are also components of human connective tissues.

Because the eggshell membrane contains all the nutrients needed to create healthy joint tissue there is now a product that is made entirely of natural eggshell membrane. This product is known as NEM and is sold as a joint health nutraceutical. Studies conducted with this product have shown that people find benefits in their movement and comfort within 7 - 10 days.
It is used for the relief of the pain and discomfort associated with joint and connective tissue disorders.
100% Natural Eggshell Membrane 30 Veg Caps

Other Nutrients

Calcium, magnesium, and protein are also found in the eggshell membrane.
The proteins in the egg shell membrane have a high concentration of the animo acids of arginine, glutamic acid, methionine, histidine, cystine and proline.

Hyaluroic Acid (HA)

HA gives elasticity to the joints and rigidity to the vertebrate disks. It is also important in the eye. It has a high water content. It is thought that because of its high water content the HA in some tissues is what causes them to be resistant to compression.
HA also acts as a type of shock absorber in some parts of the body.

Scientists have been able to isolate HA out of the eggshell membrane and use it to provide protection, lubrication, pain reduction and hydration to some cartilage and tissues in the treatment of arthritis. This is often administered by injection.

I am sure there is more interesting information out there about eggshell membrane and I look forward to hearing from any one who has information or a story to share about egg membrane.

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  1. Wow! Thanks very much for this article! I guess I'll have to keep eating those crushed eggshells in my oatmeal and soups!

  2. Would crushed eggshells be good in shakes as well? Would there be a potential in contamination since they're not cooked?

  3. I have heard the salmonella is on the outside of the egg- so wash it well before cracking it and you are safe- if my source is in fact true.

  4. does hard- cooked egg membrane have nutrient value

  5. Do you know how many mg per one membrane? I am trying to compare it with the supplement. I'd rather eat it than take a supplement-- but just wonder how much one would have to eat to match the supplement.