Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 Natural Headache Cures

There are very many remedies for headaches that people have used with success to get relief from headache pain.
Aside from the many herbs that can help with headache pain there are other natural methods that can help as well. Try some of these natural headache cures and see if they work for you.

Acupressure and Massage
There is an acupressure point just below the webbing between your thumb and index finger. Put the thumb of one hand on the palm of your other hand just below the webbing between your thumb and index finger and put your index finger on the other side of the hand and apply pressure. Sometimes it can be helpful in easing headache pain.
Massage the back of your neck by gently pressing the back of your neck with three fingers on each side.

Ice Pack
An ice pack applied to the back of the neck will sometimes ease the pain of a migraine.

Hot Foot Bath
Fill a bucket or tub with hot water and soak the feet and lower legs in it for about fifteen minutes each night. Do this for two or three weeks. It is suggested that this can be of benefit in cases of chronic headaches.

Add lemon juice to a cup of tea and drink. Some people find this gives them quick relief.
Peel a lemon and place the peel on your forehead and temples. Have the yellow of the lemon skin up. It is best to lie down while doing this.

Practice relaxation. There are many forms of relaxation and they can help prevent headaches where the trigger is stress. It can also help to ease tension headaches.
Try to relax your jaw and take a few deep breaths.
If you are stressed experiment and find a method of relaxation that will work for you.

Biofeedback is a tool that can bring good results to some people who suffer from headaches. In biofeedback a person is hooked up to a machine that measures things like heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and brain wave patterns. this information is used to help the person to learn how to control pain. As with most headache treatments, this does not work for all people.

For over 70 years there have been suggestions that magnesium deficiency could cause headaches. Many studies have shown that magnesium is effective in treating migraines. Many of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are the same as conditions that are linked to migraine headaches.

Injections of magnesium sulfate can give immediate relief from migraines.
In his book, "The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches", Dr Jay Cohen reports that studies show that 80-90 percent of patients improved with the use of intravenous magnesium for acute migraines.

Regular use of oral magnesium in the form of capsules, or transdermally (applied to the skin) in the form of magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) could be useful in the management of headaches.
Dr Cohen gives detailed information about how magnesium interacts with headaches and how to use it, including how much you need to use.

If you have a favorite natural headache cure that works for you why not share it by leaving a comment. There are probably hundreds of different ways that people use to get relief from headache pain. The one that works for you might be just the one that someone else is looking for.

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