Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 Stress Reducing Techniques

Stress comes from many different sources. If stress is allowed to accumulate and get out of control it not only decreases our quality of life but creates illness in the body. If allowed to continue it has been known to shorten the life span.

Here are 10 different ways that might help to decrease stress.
  1. Play some relaxing music.
  2. Get plenty of sleep.
  3. Eat a good diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. If necessary take a vitamin supplement.
  4. Get some sunshine regularly.
  5. Take a walk outdoors. Take time to enjoy the flowers, sunset, scenery etc.
  6. Having soft squeezable items handy can help to release tension.
  7. Take up a hobby. Find something that you enjoy doing and make time for it.
  8. Running. Any form of exercise that is enjoyed will help to reduce stress.
  9. Have a pet. Many people keep pets to help reduce stress.
  10. Have an aquarium. Keeping an aquarium has been known to help to lower blood pressure and to relieve stress.

What ever method of stress reduction that you choose, it must be readily available. Choose something that will fit in with your way of life.

As a bonus tip I am told that playing computer games works to reduce stress but if they are played as a form of procrastination they will eventually increase the stress. So choose your stress reduction method wisely.

Enjoy life and have fun


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